ika oaee 300x163 Facilities for company arrears due to insurance funds, is the government considering to increase revenue and reduce the “black hole” in the levy of more than 10 billion euros

According to information, the political leadership of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security examines new ways of settling the debts of enterprises to the insurance funds, in addition to the fixed system of repayment of debts to the funds, introduced by the latest insurance law.

Payment of part

According to this information, a provision is being considered for a facility for businesses owed, which provides for the payment of a part of the debt to the Funds as a down payment and the adjustment of the balance in installments in order to have suspension of enforcement measures against debtors.

The regulation is considered to be included in the bill on the reform of the Labor Inspectorate and the information indicates that the representatives of the ETSE and professional tradesmen (GSEVEE) will have contacts with the political leadership of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in the next few days.


Circulars of the ministry report that various scenarios for the relevant regulation are being considered, which do not include discharge of debts as in the case of tax evasion or drastic limitation of the fines already imposed. On the other hand, the case of “freezing” of overdue debts for two years and facilities for the payment of current contributions with a small percentage of the burden on the entrepreneur, as requested by representatives of the professional world, is being considered.

The debts of companies

The aim is to increase revenue and close the black hole of the levy, since the debts of about 800,000 businesses to the insurance funds exceed 10 billion euros and uninsured work is estimated to deprive insurance funds of about 9 billion euros.

To this end, the creation of the special revenue regulation committee is also under way in the General Secretariat for Social Security, which will deal with the regulation of large debts to the Funds.

It is recalled that with the latest insurance law, a fixed system of repayment of debts to the funds was introduced, while a previous arrangement for favorable repayment terms gave a “breath” to companies and the Funds, but did not yield the expected results.

Statistical data

At IKA of 282,886 businesses that owed settled debts 62,186 and in OAEE from 400,000 to 11,000. According to the fixed system, debts are expected to be repaid in 36 monthly installments, subject to the payment of current contributions by the debtor. There is also a 40% discount on surcharges in case of lump sum payment of arrears and a 20% discount on surcharges in the case of partial repayment of arrears.


Dimitris Stratoulis, member of the PG of SYN and SYRIZA’s Labor Policy Committee, on a decision to set up a Standing Committee on Large Debtors in Insurance Funds, made the following statement:

“The Deputy Minister of Labor, by deciding to activate a special committee to regulate large debts of bad payers to the insurance funds, essentially rewards tax evaders by giving the bad example to other businesses.” .Naftemporiki

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