Facilitations and incentives for regulating the debts of consumers who owe less than 1000 euros from overdue electricity bills, up to 24 installments for larger debts, today decided the Board of Directors. of PPC.

At the same time, it is also possible to revive the 36-dose regimen for those who lost it.


– For those who, on January 31, will have a debt less than 500 euros, the Board of Directors. decided to freeze this debt until the end of the year (31.12.2017) and to grant a 10% discount on current accounts, provided that they will pay them in time. This arrangement concerns approximately 1,150,000 customers with a total debt of approximately € 130 million. In order to join the program, they must apply from 1 February to 30 April.

– For debts up to € 1000, you will be able to settle in 24 monthly installments without advance payment and with immediate payment of the first installment.

– For debts above € 1,000, two options are foreseen: 10% down payment and adjustment of the remaining debt in 18 installments, or 20% down payment, and settlement of the remaining debt in 36 installments.

These arrangements apply to both small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed persons, as well as to households. Excluded are those in the register of vulnerable customers and farmers, for whom the current more favorable arrangements continue to apply. It also maintains a 15% discount for those who consistently pay bills and installments.

– For large businesses and industries, a 10% down payment will apply and monthly installments will be based on the average monthly bill, with a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 36.

– A second opportunity is given to those customers who settled their debt in 36 installments with the program applied last year, but they lost the settlement because they were unable to meet the installments. These customers will be able to re-enter the program with the current amount of the debt by submitting a request by 28 February. – A new measure decided today provides for an additional 6% discount (over 15% for consistent customers), for those customers who pre-pay one-year electricity bills and any overdue debts. The implementation of the ‘Prepay Account’ program starts directly for large businesses, and in March 2017 it will also apply to households, professionals and small businesses.

According to the company’s data, the debt settlement program in 36 installments since April last year was completed with significant success, as total debts of EUR 1.3 billion were settled by 625,000 consumers. This amount corresponds to about 75% of the total amount due to medium and low voltage customers related to the program.

PPC’s administration first expresses its satisfaction and at the same time points out the fact that the remaining 25% will not be regulated for which the appropriate measures will be taken. It also calls on all its customers with overdue debts to respond to the new regulatory proposals and to settle their obligations, stressing that “consistency and commitment of all are a prerequisite both for ensuring the efficiency and competitiveness of PPC and for maintaining its social character and its developmental role, with reciprocal benefits for all. “


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