Debt is a big part of Danes’ everyday life today, and unfortunately, more and more people – especially young people – end up being registered in the RKI. If you find yourself in a situation with financial difficulties, or are you already registered in the RKI, you must know that you are not alone and that it is possible to do something about it – as long as you are willing to make an effort. Today we will therefore take a look at how you become debt free as soon as possible.

Of course, how long it takes for you to become completely debt free depends on how much debt you have. It goes without saying that the more debt you have, the longer it will usually take before you get rid of the debt completely. If you have not already done so, we can first and foremost recommend that you add a budget – even if you have a good overview of who you owe what in the head. By setting a budget and including all your monthly expenses and income, you get a clear overview of how much you have to spend each month for the different companies and how much you have to live for.

If you have previously borrowed many credit loans that you have not been able to pay off, it may be worth considering whether you can collect your loans. Collecting loans is not entirely free of charge as you have to submit a request to a new provider who will then enter and collect all your loan items into a single item to be debited each month, but as you do not have to pay for several different Providers, make you both everyday easier for yourself, and minimize the risk of you forgetting to pay off and receive reminders. However, whether it is worthwhile for you to collect your loans depends on how many existing loans you already have and whether they are soon paid out. For example, if you only have 3 loan items that are still fully paid out within a year, collecting your loans rarely pays off. You should therefore carefully consider your financial situation.

If you have difficulty paying your existing debt, it is important that you are open about your situation. In fact, ignoring letters coming in by the door or calling from your loan provider is the worst thing you can do, as they will consider you not willing to make a deal that suits you both – and you can actually end in greater financial difficulties, which makes it harder for you to become debt free. Keep in mind that just because you are deleted from the RKI does not necessarily mean that your loan providers simply disappear by themselves if you have not repaid the money. The vast majority of loan providers are also willing to enter into various agreements or possibly extend the payment period a bit, so remember to communicate freely and openly with your loan provider for the best results.


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